Jul 5, 2010

Episode 24 - Aiptek Hi-Speed, Tascam ST1 and Sony Vegas Pro

I know, I know. I usually don't release episodes more than once a month. Well, at least that is how I've been running things since the beginning of this year. If you recall when I first started making videos, I would release them whenever I had time to make them. I originally wanted to wait until the end of the month to release this one, but I was rather disappointed with episode 23, and I finally got the hang of blue screen thanks to the help of Sony Vegas Pro!

Also, I decided to pursue another project which I plan to reveal sometime next week, so stay tuned. This new project will affect my tech videos greatly, and I don't want to wait too much longer before I release my project to the world! I am really excited about it, and I hope you all are too!

Enough about that, and back to this episode. I decided to re-invest some of my advertising revenue back into my videos by purchasing a new video camera, a new microphone and acquiring new video editing software! The camera is an Aiptek Hi-Speed 720P HD Camera, the mic is a Tascam ST1, and as I mentioned before, the software is Sony Vegas Pro! Take a look!

As you can see, with the exception of Sony Vegas Pro, these relatively cheap products actually do quite a bit as far as improving the quality of the show! Sony Vegas adds a lot too, but it really isn't very cheap. It is however, one of the easiest to use video editing programs i have ever used!

Stop by next week, and you will see what I am talking about as far as my new project. I know waiting sucks, but it's not yet ready for prime time. When I do let you all in on my secret, I hope you will all love it as much as i am excited about doing it!

As always, if you have any questions about this episode, hit me up in the comments!

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