Apr 13, 2010

Use a Real Guitar To Play Guitar Hero!

I am not very musically inclined. In fact, my mom put me in guitar lessons when I was younger. I stuck with it for a few months, but then decided that I could play tapes and CD’s easier than i could play an actual guitar.

Want to know another thing I am not very inclined to do? Play video games! I am probably the worst video game player in the world, which would explain why I rarely play video games. I know, however, that many of you like to play games quite a bit. In fact, Bauer-Power’s very own FreedomChicken is quite the anti-social gamer type. I suppose this post is for him then.

Actually, this post is for nerdy gamers that also like to play REAL guitar! There is a group called OpenChord.org that makes an open source mod for your guitar that will let you play Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the Open Source alternative Frets on Fire with an actual mutha-flippin’ guitar!

Check out this video from their site:

How many of you out there or going to try this? Anyone out there doing this yet? Hit me up in the comments!

[Via Hak5]

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