Apr 6, 2010

Sign the Declaration of Independence yourself

In a world where the past has met the future, or maybe it’s the future that met the past… Anyway in a world where stuff is meeting something, get prepared to take a travel in time. Back to a time where good men and women were looked down upon for being different and wanting to be free and independent from their evil overlords. Back when men’s teeth were made out of not just their own teeth but also other people’s teeth along with gold, lead and hippo tusks. You can now join this Independent movement by signing the Declaration of Independence yourself. That’s right the government actually did do something cool over at Archives.gov they have actually made a flash application that will let people put their name on there. Now don’t worry, this is not an evil plot by the government to get everyone’s IP addresses that actually want freedom and independence to hunt them down… at least I’m pretty sure it’s not…

I guess they’re loading the archive from 1995?


Apparently your signature is in High Definition!



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