Apr 16, 2010

Ultimate Collection of Linux and Unix Cheat Sheets!

I received this tip from my former college instructor and colleague from Coleman University, Thomas Nicholson who is a Network Security master! This will make you really happy if you are like me, and like to split your time in the Windows and ‘Nix worlds. I know quite a few Linux/Unix commands, and I can cd around the terminal with the best of them, but every now and again I can use some help. These are also good if you are not a Linux/Unix guy and have had a Linux server thrown in your lap to manage.

Well, a blogger by the name of Scott Klarr Jr. has apparently found a really sweet collection of Unix/Linux cheat sheets to help you grep your way to salvation! In fact, this collection has approximately 70 cheat sheets for you  to geek out with!


With the Ubuntu 10.04 release just around the corner, these sheets might be just what you need to bone up on your Linux knowledge to get a jump start on your way to open source.

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