Feb 18, 2010

How To Change The Start Button in Windows 7

I like to customize my installs. I don’t know why, but I just can’t leave what the software developers, and graphic artists gave me by default! I guess that is the underlying reason why I made Bauer-Puntu Linux. Windows is no exception. In Windows XP, I would use programs like StyleXP to change the boot up splash, and the theme. I hated the default blue and green, and just had to make it something that not too many people had.

Now I am using Windows 7 (When I use Windows) and although Windows 7 looks a million times better than Windows XP out of the box, when the opportunity comes to tweak it to make it look a litter more unique, I am going to jump all over it!

I found a program that will let you change the way your start button looks in Windows 7! Check it out, here is how your start button normally looks:


And here is how it could look with a little Bauer-Power!


The program is called The Windows 7 Start Button Changer, and it comes with 10 different buttons so you can make your Windows 7 install unique. It also has an option to backup explorer.exe before you make any changes so you can revert back if you really screw things up.


If you want to download a version that has the Bauer-Power logo (Plus a bunch of other extra orbs), I have repackaged it and uploaded it to my FTP server here: (Windows Start Button Changer w/ Bauer-Power)

What other free tools do you use to change the look and feel of Windows 7 to make it a little less like Bill gates, and a little more like you? Let us know in the comments!

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