Dec 23, 2009

A Suite of Free Tools To Boost Your PC's Performance

I loves me some freeware! I guess that is the biggest reason I started this blog. Well I just found another freebie that is really cool, and I would say is a must have for anyone in the business that gets stuck on the phone with those users complaining that their computer is slow.

You know the type. The dreaded call saying simply in a whiny voice, "My computer is sooooooo slooooowwww. Can you help?"

Luckily I don't do phone support anymore, but I did do it for quite a while so I feel your pain!

There are lots of spyware cleaners, registry cleaners, defrag utilities etc out there. Many of which have already been reviewed here on Bauer-Power. This particular utility though is an all-in-one suite that does almost everything in a one stop shop.

I am talking about Glary Utilities. Here is a brief rundown of what it does from their website:

  • Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows.
  • Protect your privacy and security.
  • Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc.
  • Fix certain application errors.
  • Simple, fast and User friendly interface

Here is a screenshot of Glary Utilities running a 1-click maintenance scan on my PC:

Glary Utilities ScanningOh and looky here.... It found some problems:

Glary Utilities Problems Found
I am seriously loving the tracks eraser which erases many things from your internet browsing history and last ran programs history. It will even clear out your Start > Run history.

Along with the one click maintenance, you also have different modules built in. One of my favorites is the Uninstall Manager which is like Add/Remove Programs on steroids! It allows you to select multiple program at once and perform one big batch uninstall!

Now Glary Utilities is free for private use. If you want to incorporate it into your company's IT arsenal, then you will have to purchase the Pro version for a nominal fee of $39.95.

Have you used Glary Utilities? What are some of your favorite features?

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