Jun 6, 2008

New Linux Distro on The Horizon for Schitzos

Today is one of those days at work where everything has slowed down to a crawl. The boss is out, and there are no fires to fight, which makes for a good day of surfing the interweb for interesting junk.

I am a StumbleUpon fool on these types of days. Just when I feel like I have seen the entire internet, it brings me to some place new. One of the things it brought me to today was the home of a new Linux distribution site aimed at (from the looks of things) conspiracy theorists, or maybe even governmental subversionists. The project is aptly named Paranoid Linux.

Here is a quote from Canadian Blogger Cory Doctorow from the Paranoid Linux website:

Bauer-Power Linux TuxParanoid Linux is an operating system that assumes that its operator is under assault from the government (it was intended for use by Chinese and Syrian dissidents), and it does everything it can to keep your communications and documents a secret. It even throws up a bunch of "chaff" communications that are supposed to disguise the fact that you're doing anything covert. So while you're receiving a political message one character at a time, ParanoidLinux is pretending to surf the Web and fill in questionnaires and flirt in chat-rooms. Meanwhile, one in every five hundred characters you receive is your real message, a needle buried in a huge haystack.
Now don't get too excited. They just started their project on May 17th, so they really don't have too much to look at right now, not even a beta to download. If you have some coding skills, they could probably use some help getting this thing off the ground. If you are interested, you can check out their IRC channel.

I am pretty interested to see how this thing goes. I have subscribed to their RSS feed to try and keep up to date on the distro. You can too by subscribing here: (Paranoid Linux RSS)

Better yet, why not just subscribe to Bauer-Power, and I will let you know when something good comes out of their project ;-)

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