Jun 12, 2008

Google Docs Being Used to Host Spam

This just in from my old company, Websense. The security research group has discovered that much like spammers using Blogger to host spam sites pedaling stuff like viagra, and other stuff to enlarge your junk, they are now turning to Google docs to do the same thing.

It all starts with the standard email spam. You know the ones I'm talking about! The ones for free lottery, or as mentioned above, viagra pills etc. In the links in these emails, instead of pointing to legit websites, these links are pointing to bogus docs on Google docs!

Here is a screen shot of a spam doc from The Websense Blog:

Google Docs Spam
Here is what Websense Security Researcher Chris Astacio has to say:

We expect to see more and more spammers taking advantage of free services to host spam, phishing, and malicious sites, since the captchas that previously deterred them from creating free accounts has become less effective.
If you want to get up to date security alerts from the experts at Websense Security Labs, you can sign up for them here: (Websense Security Labs)

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