Jun 6, 2008

Google's Answer to The Vista Gadget Bar

A few months back I mentioned the Thoosje's Sidebar which ads a gadget bar to your Windows XP machine just like Vista. Well it turns out that Google has answered the call for a cool gadget bar too with Google Desktop!

Google Desktop's bar is way cooler that Thoosje's because of all the gadgets that are available for it. Plus more and more are becoming available all the time! Thooseje's only really had a handful, and most of theirs came with it. If you want more gadgets, just click on the Google desktop menu in your task bar, and select add gadgets. Then you get a list of tons of different cool gadgets you can add to your gadget bar:

Google Gadgets
Of course Google Desktop still comes with its famous Google Desktop search which indexes all of your files, folders, and email for ease of finding your junk.

Have you tried the Google Desktop Gadget bar yet? Do you have any favorite gadgets you want to recommend? Hit me up in the comments!

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