May 30, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 Can Be Encrypted at Install

I am a big fan of full hard drive encryption. I have written posts about encrypting Windows using free tools like Compusec, and Truecrypt. Sure, some of you haters out there will shout from the rafters that hard drive encryption is pointless because the RAM can be frozen, and the memory can be dumped to obtain the encryption keys. The fact is though that without encryption, any average dude with a boot CD can steal your data. It would take an above average dude to do the RAM freeze trick.

Anyway, I learned of this new feature from Tux Training. If you download the Alternate Install CD of Ubuntu 8.04, you can select to encrypt the entire hard drive at install time!

From Tux Training:

Bauer-Power Ubuntu LogoData encryption is one of the best methods to protect your sensitive files, especially if you own a laptop. Unfortunately, on the Ubuntu operating system, it’s only available in the text mode installer. But that’s why this guide is here, to help you install a fully encrypted Ubuntu OS on your computer. whole process is completely safe and it is recommended to be used by anyone out there who wants to protect his/her sensitive data. To break it down to you: No more living in fear! Your data will NOT be stolen anymore!
It is really easy to do. When you get to the disk partitioning part of the install, you can select the third option which is:

Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM…

For a more comprehensive how-to, read the Tux Training article.

This should also prevent being pwned with the recovery boot option as well.

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