May 11, 2008

Remove Dangerous Spyware and Protect your System Now

Spyware is now destroying computers and lives all over the world. Thieves are gaining access to personal information like credit card info, bank accounts and passwords all from the pleasure of there own home. Spyware can also quickly destroy your pc leaving you with a pile of junk. Spyware has cost me three computers to date and I'm just plain sick of it. This article will give you the info on which software to install to make sure you are getting the best possible protection available.

So what is spyware?

If you are not computer savvy well spyware is a specially designed piece of software that will collect surfing habits and personal information once it has entered your PC. There are also certain types of spyware that can remain hidden in your computer until the owner of the program has given the command to activate. Once the command has been given you will start experiencing symptoms like pop ups appearing while not connected to the internet, computer running slow and not being able to connect to your usual home page to name a few. If this is the case well the chances are you are infected with some type of spyware.

What to do if I'm infected?

Well the very first thing you should do is get yourself some spyware removal software to detect any spyware present on your computer. Now if you don't have the cash to spend at presant then there are a number of free programs available. Two that come to mind are Ad aware and Spy bot search and destroy. Just remember these are free programs and tend to leave some spyware behind. So please get yourself a paid software tool once you have some money as I have found they do a far better scan. But just use the two mentioned above for now and clean out you system.

Ok you now have a spyware free computer lets look at additional software to protect you even further.
Pop Up Blockers

spywareNow these are now a very important piece of software to have installed on your computer. Why? I shall explain. Pop ups can be used as another type of program to plant spyware on your computer. If you surf the net a lot I'm sure you have encountered them. The thing i think most Internet users don't under stand about the pop up is they simply think pushing the X closes the pop up and that's the end of that. Well in some cases that's totally wrong!! You see people can simply change the X button to OK or Download while it still looks like the close button. So you are actually giving the program permission to download onto your system and you don't even realize it. If this does happen the best thing to do is log of immediately before the download gets a chance to finish. Better still get a blocker installed and stop pop ups in the first place. There are plenty around for free.

This is one of the best software programs you can have installed on your computer. Anti-virus software will detect and isolate any Trojans, key loggers and worms trying to gain access to your computer, usually when you are downloading a file or product off the net. This also gives you the ability to scan any emails you receive in your inbox. But please if you don't know who its from just delete it, opening emails from unknown senders is one of the more common causes of spyware infection.
Register Cleaners

This a great little piece of software for cleaning up any un-used files that may be left behind from any spyware and software programs you may have recently removed. I love it and you would be surprised what gets left behind. This will clean out your cache, temporary Internet files and browser history also so it makes sense to get one installed. This will speed up your computer considerably and make surfing the net very fast.
Install a Firewall

Firewalls are your best protection against hackers. If you leave an opening on your computer hackers can gain access to your computer and practerlly do as the wish? Hackers are extremely good at what they do and if you store personal info on your PC they will find it. Now if you don't store that type of info on your computer, well they will simply install and hide some spyware designed to activate when you visit certain websites of their choice. So the next time you are doing your banking or making an online purchase the spyware will activate itself and gather all your personal information and send it back to the hacker. This will result in Identity theft!!

Ok if you install all these types of software programs on your computer your personal info and Pc should be pretty safe. There are new types of spyware hitting the Internet every day so just make sure to update the software at least once a week.

By Robert Pearce

Robert Pearce has helped hunderds of Internet users Remove spyware from there Computer systems with his expert spyware software reviews. So Make the right choice and visit his site today.

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