May 31, 2008

Stop the Ubuntu 30-Mount Check Annoyance

I found this blog article on Digg talking about how to stop the fsck (File System Check, kind of like chkdsk in Windows) every 30 mounts. It is set by default when you install Ubuntu. Every 30 times you boot up, the fsck is forced. This is actually pretty good because it fixes problems and keeps your computer running properly.

If it's so good, then what the heck is the problem? The problem is that sometimes the check can take a while. A while meaning 15 to 20 minutes in some cases. I don't know about you, but when I'm booting up my computer it's because there is something I want to do on it now, not in 20 minutes.Well, If you want to avoid this, then you need autofsck, which forces the 30-day check at shutdown rather than at start-up. Also, when shutting it down, you get prompted before the check to make sure it is a good time to do it. That is fantastic because if you need to shutdown quick for some reason, you can skip it until next time.

From what I understand about it, at shutdown you get the prompt, and you select 'Y' to allow the check, your computer will reboot, do the fsck, then shutdown when finished. Not bad at all. To install it, do the following:

* Download the package here: autofsk
* Untar it
* Run the install script located in the extracted folder
(sudo ./install).
* Follow the prompts and voilla...No more Mr. boot time check!

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