Mar 10, 2008

Ripping DVD's in Ubuntu

For the longest time if I wanted to rip a movie in Ubuntu I would use DVD Decrypter that was installed using WINE. I just couldn't find a good enough open source Linux program that would do the trick. That is until yesterday.

I have to admit, I did try this particular program before and it kept erroring out. This time, on Ubuntu 7.10, it worked like a charm! This program is called K9Copy. Much like DVD Shrink, it will rip the movie to your hard drive, then shrink it down to DVD5 format.

Here are some of it's features from their website:

  • Pirate Jolly RogerThe video stream is compressed to make the DVD fit on 4.7 Gb recordable DVD
  • DVD Burning
  • Creation of ISO images
  • Possibility of selecting the audio tracks and subtitles to be copied
  • Title preview (video only)
  • Possibility of preserving the original menus

I have tried other Linux rippers in the past. Many of them only rip to VCD format, or to mpeg and AVI. Still, others only rip the movie and leave out the menus. Some people like that. I on the other hand want to keep it as much like the original as possible. Isn't that what creating a "backup" is all about?

Anyway, k9Copy worked like a dream. It's interface was very intuitive, and easy to use. Installation was easy too in Ubuntu 7.10, as long as you have all of the back ports open. I easily found it in synaptic package manager.

Do you know of any other good Linux DVD rippers? Let me know in the comments.

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