Jun 24, 2007

Student of the Mod

revenge of the nerds
As some of you guys know, I was awarded with "Student of the Mod" at my college for night students. For those of you not "in the know" a mod is like a semester but since the school offers an accelerated program our 'semesters' or Mods are only 10 weeks long. Anyhoo, I thought it only meant that I would get my picture taken and have a designated parking spot at school, well I just found out that the college has posted pictures of the current students of the Mod on their website. Here is me and my ugly mug, look under San Diego Nights: Click Here!

What I don't get is, Coleman has a graphic design program, you would think that they could air brush out my double chin...

Don't Forget your Bauer-Power Gear!

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