Jun 25, 2007

For San Diego, Phoenix and San Francisco Leykis Listeners

For those of you who used to listen to Tom Leykis in the afternoon in the San Diego, Phoenix and San Francisco markets you got a rude awakening on Friday for the drive home. The station you used to listen to Tom on had a format change which means no more flash Friday's in our area's.

Well, I am not taking this lying down. The radio station may change, but I am still going to get my Leykis fix until he comes back on another station. Here is what I am doing, and you can do this too:

Everyday they record Tom's show into MP3 format and publish it as a pod cast. Subscribe to the podcast using your favorite RSS reader (I use the Google Home page) by clicking this link here. Don't worry, it's free.

The next day, check your RSS reader, or in my case, my Google home page, and download the previous day's show (Last Friday when he got pulled the show was recorded into 4 parts, so make sure you download them all). Now you can either put the MP3's on your MP3 player of choice if you have a car stereo adapter, or you can be cheap like me and burn and audio CD using CD Burner XP Pro, or Nero or some other music burning software for the ride home.

What's that smell? Mmmm, it smells like flash friday on a Monday :-)

Sure this is a work around, and not a fix. Keep writing letters to your local stations and tell them that you want to hear Tom!

Don't Forget your Bauer-Power Gear!

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