Oct 28, 2020

I appeared on the D Squared 101!! podcast

 As some of you know, I have been focusing on my new venture a lot lately with my podcast about the Corey Wayne book How To Be a 3% Man. My podcast for those who aren't in the loop is called Come On Man - A 3% Man Podcast. I launched it back in August.

Well since that time I started dating a very ambitious woman who was also interested in starting her own podcast. Much like my podcast, hers is about positivity and self help. Since I have some experience in this field I offered her some help getting it launched and we decided to record some synergistic podcasts together. So her first episode is a conversation with me about Corey Wayne's 3% Man book. Check it out!

She also recorded an episode of Come On Man with me, in fact she is the first female guest I've had on that show! That episode will drop on 1/25/2021!

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