Aug 19, 2020

A New Project I've Started - A Dating and Success Podcast

 A couple of months ago I wrote an article about my quest to be a better man. In that post I wrote out my top ten life changing books. My list of books has increased since then, and I've been busy devouring them, as well as listening to others multiple times to really internalize the information.

One of those books is How To Be a 3% Man by Corey Wayne. That book, along with Dating Essentials For Men and Atomic Attraction have inspired me to start a new podcast for other men who are on what I call the 3% Path! That path is not just being better with women, but also learning to be better in life!

Introducing Come On Man - A 3% Man Podcast!

You can listen to my first episode here:

Here is the description of the podcast:
A podcast for fellow students of Corey Wayne's book, "How To Be a 3% Man" and for men who just want to be better in general. We take teachings not just from Coach Wayne, but from great teachers like Dr. Robert Glover, Chris Canwell, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Dave Ramsey and many others who have not only mastered relationships or gaining wealth, but who have harnessed the law of attraction to get everything they want out of life!
The back story to all of this is that after breaking up with a long-term girlfriend last year I had been on the dating circuit for a while, but it clicked with me that what I was doing wasn't working. It also dawned on me that I needed to figure out why my past relationships didn't work out and all of that self reflection brought me to Corey Wayne's YouTube channel and subsequently his book!

Corey Wayne suggests reading his book, or listening to it on audio at least 10-15 times. Well, I've listened to it six times so far, and have read the paperback once. I've also listened to and read Dating Essentials For Men and Atomic Attraction about 6 times as well. I plan to listen to all three of these books well over the 15 time mark, because I get something new out of all three every time I listen or read them!

I also plan to listen to a few other really great books over and over again because as Corey says, repetition is the mother of skill!

Am I a dating expert now? Nope! Am I a dating coach now like Corey? Nope! If you want a dating coach, I suggest going to the man himself on his website and hire him!

I'm no expert, however I have learned quite a bit from these books and having put their knowledge to practice! I am finally starting to see lots of success not just in my dating life, but in my professional life as well! I feel so good about all of it, that I decided to share it with the world!

So, if you are a guy who is struggling with women and relationships, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Corey Wayne's book then tune into my new podcast every Monday and study along with me!

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