Dec 5, 2018

I think I will be sticking with CompTIA certifications

I have been in the IT business for 14 years now. I know this because my now ex-wife was pregnant with my daughter right before I took my first job in IT. Well my daughter's 14th birthday is right around the corner. You do the math.

Since that time I've completed two bachelors degrees in computer networking and network security, and have earned several IT certifications including Microsoft, VMWare and of course CompTIA.

Early on I started with CompTIA certifications just to get my basics down. I quickly earned my A+, Network+ and Server+. After those, I started working on Microsoft certifications and eventually earned my MCSA, then turned around and got VMWare certified.

All of that was great, but really when it comes down to it, I'm a technology generalist. I don't just use Microsoft. I don't just use VMWare. I use a little bit of everything! That's why I've always liked CompTIA certifications. They are not vendor specific! The stuff you learn while studying them are good to know no matter what platform you are using!

Last year I finally got Security+ certified, which brought me back into the CompTIA fold, and just last week I earned my Cloud+ certification. With CompTIA's stackable certifications now, that makes me a CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional (CSCP).

Now I mentioned that I had already taken A+, Network+ and Server+. I took those back when CompTIA's certifications didn't expire, so if you look at my transcripts, CompTIA still recognizes me as being certified in those areas. The problem though is with their new stackable certification program, they don't recognize those certifications as being stackable apparently... I guess that means it's time to renew! At least, I'll renew my Network+ and Server+. I'm not too worried about A+ at this point in my career.

When I renew Network+ and Server+, that will make me  CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional (CNIP) and CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP) certified! 

On top of that, next year they are releasing a brand new single exam Linux+ certification. I plan to take that exam as well shortly after they do. With that and my renewed Network+, I'll be CompTIA Linux Network Professional (CLNP) certified!

I figure after that, I just need to keep these five individual certifications up to date, and thereby keep my stackable certifications up to date and I'll be good to go until I decide to retire.

Early on in my career, I might not have seen things this way, but at this point in my career I would rather keep things simple. I feel like my experience speaks for itself, and just keeping these certifications will just be gravy.

What do you think about this approach? Do you agree or disagree? Do you think it's still important to get vendor specific certifications if you are a technology generalist? Why or why not? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.

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