Apr 2, 2018

Top Rated App Tracks and Monitors Your Sleep in Bed

Sleep is a big part of lives; we spend about a third of our time doing it. Well, at least that is the recommended dosage according to sleep experts. Counting ZZZ’s forms a part of our everyday routine and is the cornerstone of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Getting the right amount and quality shuteye ensures for better memory, higher fertility rates among men, improved concentration and memory and healthy relationships with our families and friends.

Before bedtime, most of us tend to favor watching TV or using our smartphones to unwind. But this is the wrong thing to do. First of all, the artificial light emitted from screens tricks our bodies into thinking it is daytime, disrupting the circadian rhythm that acts as our internal clock, distinguishing between day and night time.

The above was enough incentive for me to seek out some of the best methods to safeguard better shuteye. And what better way to that than to identify what it is that affects quality sleep. I needed to find out what amount of sleep constituted the optimal work-life balance, enhancing my performance.

For one, I discovered that a good mattress is the starting point. I needed the right surface to make sure that my shuteye remained unbiased by a lumpy bed. www.MatressMatchers.com helped me out with that. The other thing that I found was that there are a lot of really cool apps out there that will help you monitor your sleep. And I want to share a few of them with you. 

1. Awaken     

This app is user-friendly and has a simple design. The app aims to improve your sleeping habits as well as give you an edge in attaining better health and a more balanced lifestyle. Awaken is a sleep aid that induces you to sleep with soothing music and wakes you in the same style. Also, there is a meditation option to help distract your mind from the daily bustle and detract most people’s dependence on constant stimulation. Available for both Apple and Android devices 

2. Pillow

This is another app that caught my attention. Pillow only works on Apple devices and connects with Apple Health to track your sleep. This app tracks the sounds you make and your movements when asleep. Also, if you want to know whether you are a morning or a night person, Pillow will help you find out. 

3. Sleep Genius

Here’s a testimonial for you. NASA astronauts use Sleep Genius as the app of choice to monitor snoozing health. Not only that! Neuroscientists developed it into one of the best apps for sleep tracking. Available on both Apple and Android devices, it concentrates on providing you with the ideal amount of sleep and guides you through the much-praised catnap.   

4. Sleep Time +

If you want to wake up in the morning and find a ‘better you’ staring back at you in the mirror, give this one a shot. Download the app on either iTunes or Google Play and place your smartphone next to your bed and let the app do the rest. While you are asleep, Sleep Time + will analyze your sleep cycle, and the smart alarm clock will identify when your slumber is at its lightest, ensuring the optimal wake-up time.   

5. Pzizz 

The primary objective of this app is to relax you by playing pleasant sounds and music. Pzizz aims to solve insomnia by reducing stress and helping you unwind. Also a sleep cycle tracker and power nap planner, you can get this one for both Apple and Android smartphones.

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