Jun 3, 2015

The Newest Trend: Movies Filmed With a Smartphone

It isn't shocking to learn that a Hollywood movie budget can easily hit $200 million. There are some filmmakers who are trying an alternative route; they are filming movies entirely on a smartphone. Surprised by this development? It is the newest trend that allows filmmakers to capture a film from the convenience of a phone and decrease the exorbitant budgets in the industry. Here are some films that were shot with various smartphones.

Paranmanjang (2011)

South Korean director Park Chang-Wook filmed "Paranmanjang" (Night Fishing), his 30-minute horror film, exclusively on an iPhone 4. The technology in the iPhone 4 allows filmmakers to capture high quality images that rival shots taken by a traditional camera. The large aperture allows the capacity to capture more light, allowing the filmmaker to concentrate on the scene without worrying whether the shot is illuminated enough to be seen by audiences. In addition, there is a feature that makes colors more pronounced and allows for the background noise to be muted enough so that it won't interfere in the movie-making process. The expense of the iPhone 4 might persuade others to try out smartphones that are a cheaper alternative and can obtain the same quality.

The Rabbit Trail (2013)

"The Rabbit Trail" shot by director Jane Hamer and her production team at Mepic Productions opted to use an HTC One with a macro lens to chronicle the trials of two men who undergo a traumatic experience. Her film was recently featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The specs of the HTC One make it an optimal tool for capturing their vision on film.

The video stabilization is optimal in trying to capture a shot without minimal movement. The phone is equipped with lighting that can be adjusted making it an optimal phone for a filmmaker because it can quickly adjust to various environments. Rounding out the advantages of this phone is the dual stereo that provides maximum sound and a crisp visual quality that is equipped with 1080p resolution, as well as the ability to attach a lens to capture close-up shots.

Olive (2011)

The Oscar-contender movie "Olive" was shot with a Nokia 808 Pure View which offers an advantage that other smartphones cannot provide. When the image is enlarged with the Nokia 808, it doesn't pixelate or break apart allowing for quality high-resolution footage. In previous versions of this phone sound appeared problematic, but Nokia says that the digital quality is improved in the current version of the phone. The sound can rise to decibels of 140.

Summertown (2012)

The short film "Summertown" was filmed exclusively on a Sony Xperia S. Since Sony is a trailblazer in cameras and electronics, its smartphones are known for great optics and large internal storage. It allows full HD capture as well as optimal high-definition resolution to offer the filmmaker the ability to get the same shot as a standard camera might offer.

Smartphones make movie making affordable and convenient for amateurs and professionals. If a pocket-size phone offers comparable quality with minimal equipment for filming, what director will be able to resist the allure of this trend?

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