Jun 19, 2015

Free Open Source Secure Email Gateway

Sweet baby Jesus do I love Linux! Just about anything you need or want can be done in Linux. For instance, the other day my ex-wife sent me an email from her work email. I noticed that she was using a free Gmail account for business and so I offered to stand her up an iRedmail email server running on Linode.com which would cost her company as little as $20 per month hosting. I told them I would charge a flat rate consulting fee, and a nominal monthly fee to keep it backed up.

If you aren't familiar with iRedmail, here is a Tech Chop video I did talking about it:

Well my ex-wife came back and asked if I can make the emails encrypted. She works with a lot of Psychologists, so they need encryption for HIPPA compliance when communicating with clients. Makes sense right? Well, since they are Psychologists and not tech geeks like me that means they need an easy solution to encrypt messages, and that means an encryption gateway!

I found a solution that runs in, you guessed it, Linux! It's called Ciphermail!

From their page:

CipherMail email encryption gateway supports four encryption standards: S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS and PDF encrypted email. S/MIME and OpenPGP provide authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation and protection against message interception. S/MIME and OpenPGP use public key encryption (PKI) for encryption and signing. PDF encryption can be used as a lightweight alternative to S/MIME and OpenPGP. PDF allows you to decrypt and read encrypted PDF documents. PDF documents can even contain attachments embedded within the encrypted PDF. The password for the PDF can be manually set per recipient or a password can be randomly generated. The generated password can then be automatically delivered to the recipient via an SMS Text message or, the password can be sent back to the sender of the message.
Setup is easy too, just watch this video:

If your company is looking for a low cost solution to email encryption, you should definitely check it out!

What do you use for message encryption? Let us know in the comments.

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