Jun 5, 2014

Can The Government Force You To Decrypt Your Data?

In the above video Marcia Hofmann, a Senior Staff Attorney for the EFF is giving a talk at DEFCON 20 in 2012. She breaks down your fifth amendment right against self incrimination.

From Youtube:

Can the government force you to turn over your encryption passphrase or decrypt your data? The law surrounding police attempts to force decryption is developing at breakneck speed, with two major court decisions [in 2012] alone. This talk will start off with an in-depth explanation of the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, its origins, and how it applies to government attempts to force disclosure of keys or decrypted versions of data in the United States. We'll also discuss law enforcement authority to demand passphrases and decryption of data stored with third parties, and survey key disclosure laws in other countries. 
I always recommend encrypting your data. Especially in these days of 1984 style government domestic spying. I even did a video on the many ways you can encrypt your data on Tech Chop:

What do you think about Marcia's talk? Let us know in the comments.
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