Jun 2, 2014

A Piece of Junk: My Review Of The Netgear DGN2200

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A little over a month ago I moved to a new place in a small one horse town called Cedaredge Colorado. I had to order Internet to my house and the only high-speed offering in my area was DSL from TDS Telecom. Since the last time I ordered Internet I was using cable, I didn't have a DSL modem, so I decided to go to Walmart to pick one up as Walmart is the only place within 50 miles that offers any selection of computer or networking equipment.

Well the only type of DSL modem Walmart offered was the Netgear N300 (DGN2200) ADSL2+ modem/router combo. I hate Netgear products in general, so I cringed when this was the only option. What are you going to do though right?

Anyway, I brought this home and noticed right away that this sucker would get burning hot after only 30 minutes of use. It would also randomly reboot itself throughout the day. I upgraded the firmware like a good boy, but that didn't help. I contacted Netgear support and they sent me a replacement. Well, the replacement had the same issue. It's clearly a flawed hardware design.

I called Netgear support again, and this time they sent me the DGND3700v2 unit. It's only been about two days, but I this one is not hot to the touch, and I haven't noticed any reboots on it.

Long story short, Don't buy the DGN2200, spend a few extra bucks and get the DGND3700 instead. Or better yet, get a Cisco product!
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