May 20, 2014

GP Error: The maximum number of users are logged into the system

The other day I had a request to modify a user's permissions in our instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP. One one user was logged on at the time, but for some reason when i tried to log in I received an error saying:

The maximum number of users are logged into the system

It reminded me of a similar error where a user would try to login, but would get an error  saying that the user was already logged into the system. The cause of this is because sometimes the database caches a user's session, and if they don't properly log out of GP their session will stay active.

To fix this I did the following from the Microsoft SQL back end to kill a session of a user who was no longer really active:
  • Log into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Select your GP database
  • Select New Query
  • Run the following query to get a list of sessions:
  • Run the following to delete the session of a user who is not currently active:
That's it! Be sure to change USERNAME with the actual username of the user whose session you need to kill.

Have you experienced this problem? Did this solve your issue? Let us know in the comments!
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