Mar 3, 2014

OMG! I Can't Login To TimeTrex!

The other day my company hired a new office manager. This position handles payroll. The previous office manager was on maternity leave, and in her absence she had a temp running the show. Well now the original office manager and the temp are leaving, so there is a mad scramble to get the new office manager setup with accounts so she can do stuff like process payroll.

One of the tools we use for hourly employees is TimeTrex, which is an open source time card management program that runs on Linux. Well for some reason the previous office manager couldn't login to setup the new office manager with payroll administrator access.

No problem I thought, I'll just login and do it. Well shit! I couldn't login either! WTF!?!

Well I tried the password reset link, and it said it couldn't locate my email in the database. I decided to check the database and sure enough my account was there,  and so was my email.

I found this FAQ on the TimeTrex that tells you to create an override password. That didn't work either (Which I'll explain in a minute). Again, WTF?!?

At first I thought that maybe the database was corrupt. So I asked some of the hourly employees if they could login. They all could, so that gave me an idea!

I found this thread on the TimeTrex forums that talk about elevating a user's permissions to administrator. All you have to do is run the following command from the terminal from within your TimeTrex directory on the server:
sudo php5 tools/set_admin_permissions.php username
After that the username you used above is made an administrator. You can then borrow that user's password and login to fix stuff!

The issue was the temp office manager marked me and the old office manager as terminated in TimeTrex for some unknown reason. Because of that our logins were suspended, which is also why the password reset didn't work, and the password override didn't work.

After I made my account active again, I logged out, and was able to login again with my account. I then removed the administrator permissions from the user account I borrowed.

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