Mar 17, 2014

How To Get LDAP Working in TeamPass With Windows 2008 R2

I mentioned last week that I setup a new password vault server at my day job called TeamPass. I also mentioned that it allows authentication with Active Directory using LDAP. I then proceeded to mention that there is a trick to getting it work.

Well, here is my post about how to do it.

Once you login to your TeamPass server with an administrator account you will want to do the following:

  • Go to Settings > LDAP Options
  • Set Enable users authentification through LDAP server to Yes
  • Select Windows / Active Directory from the drop Down
  • Click Save
  • Go back to Settings > LDAP Options
  • Under LDAP account suffix for your domain, they give you an example to use the @ symbol with a DN for your domain, like @dc=bauer-power,dc=net. Well that doesn't work. You need to just put in (Or whatever your domain is)
  • The rest you fill out using their examples.
  • When finished click Save.
Here is a screen shot of how mine looks:

You're probably wondering how I figured that out. Well I didn't actually. I found an obscure page on Google Code where someone had the same issue and that's what they did to get it to work.

Anyway, it works like a charm now and I can use my AD credentials to access passwords in our TeamPass password manager server!

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