Aug 1, 2013

Where The F*(K Can I Find 3Ware Drivers For XenServer?

The other night I was running a rolling upgrade of my XenServers from 5.6 SP2 to 6.2. Everything was going swimmingly until I got to the last server in my resource pool which happens to be using a 3Ware 9750-4i RAID controller card.

Well the upgrade for that one failed miserably, and I pretty much had to force remove that host from the resource pool and re-install using the XenServer 6.2 disk. The reason it failed was the 3Ware driver for 5.6 is not compatible for 6.2

Awesome right? So I went to the 3Ware site, and searched around for XenServer drivers. No luck. I couldn't remember where I got the 5.6 drivers, so I started Googling around, and after about an hour I landed on 3Ware's stupidly named support site called (Way to do SEO LSI/3Ware!)

So anyway, if you are looking for 3Ware drivers for XenServer you can get them at the following link, by doing a search for XenServer (3Ware Drivers For XenServer)

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