Aug 19, 2013

It's About Time: 5 of the Newest, Coolest Apps for BlackBerry Q10

It may have been a slow start, but app developers have finally started creating great apps for BlackBerry devices. With a full offering of smartphones, BlackBerry has shown itself to be serious about remaining at the top of the mobile phone game, and now with the release of the BlackBerry Q10, the apps are appearing in an ever-increasing flow. Those who've steadfastly remained true to their first cell phone love might be overwhelmed with the choices, so here's cream of the BlackBerry Q10 app crop.

BlackBerry Q10 image by Janitors via Flickr.

360 Panorama

BlackBerry Q10 phones come with an excellent high-def resolution camera on board. But for less than $3 you can turn that already highly functional camera into one that takes spectacular panoramic shots as simply and easily as taking a normal picture. The 360 Panorama app gives you the capability to save or instantly send and post your panoramic pics, to preserve and share breathtaking vistas and landscapes or even capture the whole gang at the class reunion for posterity.


Be the DJ you always knew you could be with the Pacemaker app for BlackBerry Q10. You'll feel like a musical wizard as you alter tracks and tempos, bend the pitch, craft synchronized loops midstream and sync the tempo of two different tracks to blend them into your own marvelous audio creation. With a cross fader and other pro-level features, the sky's the limit. The best part is how user-friendly Pacemaker is. The app does all the work, you take all the credit.

Backup Contacts

Never worry about losing a contact from your list when you have the Backup Contacts app. With just one click all your contacts get backed up — yes, all contacts on your BlackBerry Q10, the SD card and even email. You can send, view and restore your backup via email and there's a feature to automate a daily backup so your list is always up to date.


The best description of the Blaq app: a Twitter cloud for your BlackBerry Q10. It's a necessity for those with multiple Twitter accounts because Blaq takes the place of various Twitter apps you needed in the past to wrangle all the accounts. Blaq will sign you into your complete list of accounts and allow you to Tweet from them simultaneously or just from one, plus it has direct messages, mentions and real-time streaming. The Blaq app is a power Tweeter's dream come true.


Skype for BlackBerry is the app users have been anticipating most. Available since the BlackBerry Q10 was launched, Skypers can now make video and voice calls from their BlackBerry Q10 and message family and friends anywhere in the world regardless of the receiver's device.
That's just for starters. Now that the developers are on a roll bringing BlackBerry Q10 apps to the masses, they're not likely to stop. The field is wide-open for usable applications that make your already essential BlackBerry even more indispensable.
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