Jul 22, 2013

Ubuntu Forums Hacked. All User Accounts and Password Hashes Compromised

While looking for some information on how to get my Bauer-Puntu install on my Lenovo T530 to work with dual monitors I came across this little beauty on the Ubuntu Forums page:

Yep, apparently hacked and every username, password and email address was compromised. If you have a hard time reading the image here are the bullet points of "what they know":
  • Unfortunately the attackers have gotten every user's local username, password, and email address from the Ubuntu Forums database.
  • The passwords are not stored in plain text, they are stored as salted hashes. However, if you were using the same password as your Ubuntu Forums one on another service (such as email), you are strongly encouraged to change the password on the other service ASAP.
  • Ubuntu One, Launchpad and other Ubuntu/Canonical services are NOT affected by the breach.
If you are a user of the forums, and you happen to use the same username/password combo on any other sites you better get to changing it quickly.

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