Jul 4, 2013

Get Rid Of The Stupid Landscape Advertisement In Ubuntu Server

I am one of the few people in this world that like to add a little something to my motd in Ubuntu so when I ssh into one of my servers it's a little less boring. I love putting ASCII art in my motd.tail file so I have something fun to look at when I login.

In fact, here is what it looks like when you login to my email server:

One of the things I don't like is the annoying advertisement for Canonical's Landscape. You know, the string that says, "Graph this data and manage this system at https://landscape.canonical.com/".

I have never used it, and will likely never use it, so stop bugging me about it!

Well, to turn it off without losing the other useful system information, all you need to do is create a client.conf file in /etc/lanscape with the following information:
Now with that there, you will get everything you want, and none of the Lanscape crap you don't!

[Via Kember]
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