Feb 4, 2013

I will give you the best support I can. You don't need to email the whole effing company!

I am going to take this time to write about something that really chaps my hide in the IT support business. I'm sure that any Network Engineers, or Systems Engineers that read Bauer-Power can agree with this. One of the things I absolutely hate is when someone has an issue, and instead of just creating a ticket like everyone else in the world, they decide to send you an email and CC everyone in the company Org Chart with their issue.

Holy fuck people!! When America suspected Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction, did our Government react with a nuclear fucking bomb? NO! When you notify IT about an issue, and you CC every fucking executive in the company, you are essentially dropping a nuclear bomb on your IT department. Good fucking lord!

When you are about to type this email of mass destruction to your IT person, how about instead stop for a minute and take a look around. Are everyone else's issues being handled in a timely manner? Did they have to email God and everybody about their particular issue to get IT to investigate? For crying out loud did you even try just simply rebooting? Fuck!

Seriously, the key to good IT support is not to burn them in a fiery explosion of ignorance in front of all executives and managers in your company. The key is to follow protocol, and submit a ticket. You are not above the law, and you will get the support you need without bending the local IT guy over in the process.

Am I wrong about this? Do you have a similar experience? Let me know in the comments.

Note: Sorry about the cursing...

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