Feb 21, 2013

Anonymous Credited For Tracking Down Chinese Hacker Team

Say what you want about Anonymous, but these guys always seem to end up on the right side of things even though they tend to use legally grey methods to accomplish their goals. Although they often times break the law, their goal is usually for the greater good. At least in my opinion.

In a recent report published by Mandiant, and information security company, members of the hacktivist group Anonymous helped identify the Chinese group that has been involved in a majority of cyber attacks within the United States.

From RT:

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Buried deep in the report, however, is evidence that Mandiant didn’t do all the work alone: the authors of “Exposing One of China’s Cyber Espionage Units” say that a 2011 hack perpetrated by the loose-knit Anonymous collective has been instrumental in making ground regarding the identity of the Far East hackers. 
In the report, Mandiant offers a brief profile of three hackers believed to be involved with ATP1: “uglygorilla,” “DOTA” and “SuperHard.” But while the company admits that their investigation into the unit has been underway for several years already, Mandiant says information released by Anonymous in 2011 has only helped them come closer to catching accused cybercriminals. 
It's kind of strange that Anonymous would end up in a news story about something they did to help authorities in an investigation. Normally they are fighting authorities in retaliation for abuse.

What do you think of this report? How do you feel about Anonymous? Let us know in the comments.

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