Oct 4, 2012

Wikileaks May Succeed in Drawing Votes Away From Obama

By now the first of several oligopoly debates has aired and the winner of the debate I suppose depends on if you are a Depublican or a Republocrat. You all know that half of America will be all googly eyed at their candidate and will completely shut out what the other candidate is saying. In short, these events don't matter.

[Edit - I did watch the debate, and I do have to say the Romney dominated. Even MSNBC (Obama's fan club) agrees.]

Yesterday, Democracy Now did a piece about how the Commission of Presidential debates is basically a scam that seeks to keep out viable 3rd parties. Well they are not the only ones realizing that this control by the two parties is a complete farce and voting for either party doesn't matter.

Now Wikileaks is trying to get out the word that voting for either party will invite absolutely zero change to our country. No matter who you vote for, you will essentially get the same government. They are asking for you to skip voting and instead donate to their cause. They are calling this campaign Vote Wikileaks.  Check out their video:

I don't know about you, but the majority of Wikileaks supporters I know lean very far to the left. Left leaning voters usually vote Democrat, and Obama is the star Democrat for sure. However, if Wikileaks supporters decide that supporting truth is more important than supporting a President with a myriad of failed policies, then they might succeed in siphoning away some much needed votes for Obama in this close election.

I personally agree with Wikileaks that voting for either Obama or Romney doesn't matter. They are more alike than they are different. I don't see a lot of change coming with either of them in office. I disagree on skipping voting though. Those who don't vote, vote for a dictatorship in my opinion. Those who don't vote accept the choices others make for them in that way. Therefore I would recommend listen to the reasoning behind this video, but instead of skipping your vote, vote for a 3rd party.

By voting for a 3rd party you tell the current two party system that they are broken, and you are not going to support it any more. Even if your candidate doesn't win, that is still one less vote for a failed two party system.

What are your thoughts on the subject. Let us know in the comments!

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