Oct 10, 2012

Use StartPage By IxQuick As Your Default Search Engine for Your Browser

Yesterday I wrote about two search engines you can use instead of Google to better protect your prvay when it comes to searching. The one I personally like is StartPage by IxQuick. The reason being is they don't store any personal information about my searches, or my IP information. On top of that, they pull search data from Google so I still get good results.

The trouble is that I rarely ever browse to Google itself to do searches. In Chrome, my browser of choice these days, I would just type my search terms in the address bar and boom, I had my Google search results. I wanted to change that to use my new favorite, StartPage.

Well StartPage makes it easy, just click this link: (Add Startpage To Your Browser)

Make sure to click the HTTPS Install button as that will add encryption to your browsing to prevent any snooping.

After the plugin is installed, in Chrome do the following:
  1. Go to the Wrench icon -> Settings.
  2. Click on "Manage Search Engines" button in the "Search" section.
  3. Click on the StartPage entry in the "Other Search Engines" section and click "Make Default".
  4. Click OK.

That's it. In other browser changing default search is as easy as clicking a drop down button. Full instructions for your browser of choice can be found at the link above though if you run into a snag.

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