Jul 23, 2012

Revision3 Dumps Epic Meal Time?

Epic Meal Time
Epic Meal Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Not sure what the hell happened last week, but when I flipped on the Revision3 app on my Boxee Box I immediately went to look for one of my favorite shows on there, Epic Meal Time. What did I see? A whole bunch of other shows, but NOT Epic Meal Time. Nope, I have to switch over to the Youtube app to catch the latest episode. What gives?

I just went to the Revision3 Epic Meal Time page, and the last episode they have published is episode 100, Meat America. However they are still making new episodes every week, and their latest episode is Fast Food Fondue Mixology. Not to mention, they had another episode right before that called Meat Cereal.

I can't find anything online about Revision3's decision to cut one of Youtube's most viewed shows, but I can only assume that the executives at Revision3 felt Epic Meal Time was going to run out of ideas. What makes me assume that? From what Harley Morenstein, aka Sauce Boss, said at the end of their Fast Food Fondue Episode. Check it out:

If you didn't catch that he basically said that all "hater ass bitches" that thought they would run out of ideas can go "kiss a carrot." Whatever that means.

Anyway, I'm kind of sad about Revision3 dumping Epic Meal Time. I preferred to watch that show on the Revision3 app because the Youtube one is a bit clunky. Also, there are fewer and fewer shows worth watching on Revision3 these days.

If you know the true story about this breakup. Was it really Revision3, or am I wrong, and was it Epic Meal Time that wanted to sever ties? If you know the scoop, let us know in the comments!

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