Nov 16, 2011

Is The Internet Full? [Infographic]

If you sit back and think about how simply vast the internet is, and all the crap on it you're head might very well explode. Have you ever tried to ponder how many Wordpress blogs are out there? How many Youtube videos are uploaded every day? How many websites are out there that you will never see because of the billions of search combinations you can do on Google, yet never quite hit the right one?

Sometimes I think about it, and when i found this infographic, I thought it would be a good thing to post here on Bauer-Power. Thouogh I doubt it really is "full" this infographic goes to show you that there is a lot of junk out there. So much in fact that it's hard to fully comprehend. Check it out!



So what do you think? Are we full? Let us know in the comments. tags:     


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