Nov 28, 2011

Holiday Review of Set Top Boxes Via Tech Chop

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I certainly did. It was nice having four days off with the family to not have to think about work for a bit. Even better was that my wife let me film another installment of Tech Chop!

This one was about a month in the making really. I bought two set top boxes, The WD TV Live Plus, and The Boxee Box. Plus my desktop tech Frank let me borrow his Apple TV. I already had the Mvix, which finally crapped out on me and was the inspiration for this whole idea.

Anyway, I plugged them in and tested them all out, and came up with this review!

I have to say it was so therapeutic smashing the living crap out of the piece of junk Mvix. That thing was fine for about a year, then it would overheat and would stop in the middle of playing a movie with a friggin' "IO Error".

I finally settled on the Boxee. It had the snappiest interface, and the coolest apps. I first tried the WD TV Live Plus, but it was rather sluggish. The Apple TV was cool, but I didn't want to have to run a separate media server on my network to be able to watch my files.

Do you have a set top box at home? What do you use? Like it? Let us know in the comments. tags:                   

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