Sep 14, 2011

Redneck Language Option in Red Hat Linux? Yep! A Least in Version 5.1!

I was Stumbling around the net yesterday and came across something rather odd, yet pretty funny in my opnion. I guess I find it funny due to my redneck upbringing in Colorado being the son of an old farmer's daughter with lots of family roots in places like Arkansas and Oklahoma. Hell, my mom is so redneck, that her family actually had a friggin' outhouse growning up, and had to fetch water using a hand pump and a bucket! I'm talking 1800's type redneck shit.

Anyway, me being the half-hick that I am, yet completely into geeky stuff like computers I found this little discovery humourous. Apparently Red Hat Linux used to have an install language option back in version 5.1 for redneck! Yes, like Jeff Foxworthy redneck! Check out these screen shots:

According to Bartosz Forczak on Google+ during a Google search as to the origin of the redneck language option, the reason for the option was because Redneck is:

...a dialect of American English spoken by Red Hat Software's Donnie Barnes, and was used as a test case during the addition of internationalization support to the installation program. It is included solely for entertainment value (and to illustrate how difficult it is actually talking to Donnie).

Makes sense now doesn't it? For more screen shots, take a look at tags:

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