Sep 26, 2011

Interesting Microsoft Facts: Infographic

I found another Infographic I thought you guys would like. Some of these things you may already know about the multi-billion dollar conglomerate known as Microsoft. Then again, some of it you may not know at all. I know a lot of you read this blog for the Linux stuff, and most of you are Linux enthusiasts, but I'm sure that you can't escape Microsoft completely. Probably because although we don't like it, Microsoft is still number one in the computer game, and they aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Ok, so we all know that Microsoft makes an epic butt load of money. But did you know that in their first year in business they only made $16,000? Did you know that Bill Gates dropped out of college to form Microsoft? Did you know that Microsoft was originally spelled Micro-Soft? Here are a few more bits of info you may not know:

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