Jun 20, 2011

Download GoTo Meeting Client Without Registration

Sweet damn if there is one thing I hate almost more than anything on the Internet is being forced to register my information just to download a piece of software. Especially if said software is free, or if I have previously purchased said software. I get it though, you Marketing weenies need to collect information about potential leads so you can make a sale. I am sure there are other ways of doing it without having to make every damn person who visits your site register.

Even worse than simply registering your name, address and email to get a free download, I hate when companies force you to register a credit card as well. You kno0w, so if you forget to cancel, or not order by a certain date they can automatically charge you. That's basically extortion if you ask me, and i am pretty sure that extortion is illegal.

Anyhoo, the latest company to get under my collar is GoTo Meeting which is not owned by Citrix. My company already has a number of GoTo Meeting accounts, however while re-imaging a user's laptop I had a hard time locating the install media for the client. No problem I told myself, I will just download it from the GoTo meeting website. That's where I got hit with the registration bull shit!

Well, as you can tell I'm a little bitter today about this. Sure it's not a big deal, but it really chapped my hide, so I decided to download the installer and make it available via my FTP server. You can go ahead and download that bad boy here: (GoTo Meeting Client Download)

Now you will still have to have a GoTo Meeting License to use it, and if you are new to GoTo Meeting, you will still have to register for a trial account to get started here: (New user registration)

If you already have an account though, and don't feel like re-registering, or calling some customer service rep just to get something you already own, then feel free to use my bandwidth to download the client from the link above!

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