Nov 4, 2010

How To “Hack” a Combination Padlock

First of all, before I get into this really cool padlock trick, I want to say that last week was really good for blogging! If you follow me on Twitter at all, you know I was in VMware training all last week. Since I do a lot of VMware work at my day job, a lot of the class was redundant. I had to take it however to satisfy a requirement to take the VCP certification. Anyway, while the teacher was talking about stuff I do normally, it gave me a chance to catch up on the blog!

Ok, so back to the topic. You all want to break into lockers or whatever right? Well, let me just say that doing so is illegal, and I assume no responsibility if you misuse this information!

So I found this really cool tutorial from The Thrillest. Just follow this chart, and the three simple instructions below and you will soon be opening closed combo locks in no time!

Padlock Hack Click the image to make full size

  • Starting at 0, gently pull down as though opening the lock, then slowly spin the dial counter-clockwise until it sticks. If the number is a whole number (i.e. not resting in between two numbers) record it, continuing the process until you reach 0 again. At this point you should have 5 whole numbers.
  • Four of the five numbers will end in the same digit -- the one that doesn't is the last number in your lock's three-number combo. Since certain numbers on a padlock are inextricably linked, this number narrows down the possible combinations to 100.
  • Trial-and-error out the combination grid in the image above, and pull the lock open.


Pretty cool right? There is one thing I found in the Navy that works better and faster though. In fact, it also works on keyed pad locks too. It's called a bolt cutter!

Via [The Thrillest]

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