Nov 5, 2010

Edit PDF Forms Online For Free

You ever get emailed PDF forms, but you don’t have any way to edit it electronically because it’s locked, or you don’t have Adobe Pro or Standard? Yeah me too. In fact, my HR department sent out a questionnaire to the team the other day as a PDF. Most people just printed it out, and filled it out by hand. Not me though, I found a tool that let me fill it out electronically for FREE!

This tool is an online tool and it is called Fill Any PDF! The idea is simple, you take a PDF that you need to fill out, you upload it to their site, and fill it out, then download the edited version! If you are worried about passing semi sensitive document across the Internet, the site is encrypted with SSL. I wouldn’t however trust them with anything top secret. That’s just me though!

Here is a list of features from their page:

  • FillAny Form No Software Needed - No software is needed to fill out forms. Everything is done online.
  • Fill out Forms - Fill out PDF Forms online with variable font sizes and colors.
  • Sign Documents - Sign forms just by typing your name. Fill Any PDF provides the traceability necessary for the "digital signature" to be valid.
  • Share Forms - Share blank and filled forms with coworkers or anyone you want.
  • Invite Others - Invite people to fill out forms. You can customize your message to each person or send a group invitation.
  • View Completed Invitations - See exactly who filled out which form and when. If you invite people to fill out a form, you can see exactly which form they filled out.
  • Use Any PDF - Any PDF may be used regardless of the software used to make the PDF. The PDF does not need "fields" to be added to the form. The entire form becomes fillable when it is imported.
  • No Printing - Paper does not need to be printed, saving you time, money, and frustration. It saves a few trees and reduces your carbon footprint as well.
  • Edit Forms - White-out and Redaction tools let you modify old forms to get just the form you need so you don't have to find the original or create the form again.
  • No Scanning or Faxing - When other people fill out your forms, they do not have to print and then scan and email the form back to you. This means you will get more forms returned in less time.


Know of any other free PDF editors? I am not a big Adobe fan, so I am always looking for free alternatives to their products! Let us know in the comments! Tags: ,,,,

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