Nov 26, 2009

A Public Service Announcement For Blue Tooth Wearers

You have all seen them. Perhaps you are one of them. People who go around wearing your bluetooth headset all the time. Walking down the street, inside buildings, at the gym etc. You know, every place other than the place you are suppose to wear one… IN YOUR CAR!

The fact of the matter is you are not friggin’ Maverick from Top Gun! You don’t need to have your headset on all the time. The idea is to free your hands when driving, that is it. If you didn’t realize it already, you look like a damned fool! To better illustrate this, my buddy Sundance and I filmed this PSA for Episode 14 of Bauer-Power. We hope we can help you not look like a douche bag.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now take off your stupid Bluetooth headset!

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