Nov 10, 2009

Panda Released a Free Cloud Antivirus

My coworker showed me something interesting today. Before I break it down to you, let me give you a little background of Antivirus. The way it is now, you have Antivirus software, and so do many other people on the internet. If one of them gets infected, a sample of the infection goes back to the Antivirus company’s lab where they reverse engineer it, see what makes it tick, then they release an update for everyone else to remove the infection. Sometimes this process can take a month or two to get out.

Well to remedy the problem, Panda Labs is releasing a free Cloud Antivirus. First of all, why free? Because the more people that have this Antivirus, the better. Why is that? Because Panda has essentially done away with the lab portion of it, and made us the users, the virtual lab. If one of us gets infected, all other users get notified and protected in a matter of minutes rather than waiting for an update from a software company lab. Here is a video from Panda that explains it way better than I can:

So what do you think? The idea sounds like a good one to me. I think I will run it on my laptop for a while to test it out. Will any of you try it? Are you trying it now? How well do you like it? Hit us up in the comments!

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