Apr 23, 2007

Free Antivirus and Firewall: Thanks Comodo!

One of my pet peeves is people with antivirus that is not up to date. Seriously now, why even have antivirus if you are not keeping it up to date?

For those of you out there that don't have your antivirus up to date because you are too cheap to renew your license, then don't fret! You are in good hands. I am a cheap skate as well.

Comodo is offering some fabulous FREE security software. Two of them I personally recommend, Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall! Both of them come with a free lifetime license, which means no renewal fees ever! This also means, you can stay secure and still be a cheap skate!

"Who is Comodo?" you ask?

To quote their website, "Comodo is the 2nd largest Certification Authority for ensuring Identity Trust & Assurance on the web." Basically, they are one of the many company's out their that secure websites for banks and other businesses that do online transactions. (Kind of like Verisign). They offer the free software to get their names out there, a sort of free branding advertising if you will. Don't worry though, this software isn't ad-ware, and you won't be getting annoying "Buy me!' advertisements.

I am currently using Comodo's freeware on all of my computers at home, and they are working great! Uninstall your old, non-updated Antivirus now, and get Comodo in there right away! Don't leave yourself open to an attack.

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