Oct 6, 2016

Bauer-Power Media Launches a New Podcast - Mainwashed Weekly Scoop

It's been a few years since I did any kind of actual show. As some of you know, I used to do Tech Chop weekly on The Tech Podcast Network. I stopped doing that because it started to become a full time job writing scripts, coming up with content, filming and editing every week. I never lost the bug though!

Well, recently I've been listening to a lot of audio podcasts and thought, I could start doing another show, but this time just do an audio only podcast that folks could listen to while working out, during their commutes, etc. I also thought it would be easier to come up with content from the news, and since I mostly read political news for my Mainwashed Facebook page, I thought why not do a political podcast? I also decided to do this one off the cuff, so there is no script to write every week. Editing a show takes about 20 minutes of my time max!

So, this last Tuesday I kicked off the first ever Mainwashed Weekly Scoop show where I give my unfiltered take on some of the national and world political news I see all the time. I say unfiltered, because I used to be a sailor and like to express myself with colorful words every once and a while. That being said, this isn't a news show for kids!

It's still brand new, but I'm planning on posting a new episode every Tuesday. Right now you can subscribe directly from www.mainwashed.com, but I've also submitted it to the following Podcast sites:
If your political views lean a little right, but still consider yourself a Libertarian, then you should check out the show. If you are a granola eating, left leaning Communist, then you should probably stick with MSNBC.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think!

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