Apr 22, 2016

Smart Home Technology for the Savvy Homeowner

Tech gadgets are sometimes the most handy when found in the home. They help you save time, prioritize items on your daily to-do list and even save money. But what tech gadgets are the latest and greatest in a world in which technology constantly makes itself obsolete? Here are some slick gadgets and home appliances that will make your life easier.

1) Smart Home Consoles

No longer the stuff of science fiction and the Jetsons, the smart home is real. Smart home consoles, such as the Amazon Echo, Ivee and Cubic, are voice-controlled smart home devices that let you control everything in your house that is smart home enabled. This includes lights, TV, stereo and your other online devices.

Many consoles act as alarm systems with a motion sensor that will alert you if it is activated. Not only can you control your home with a smart home console, but you can also look up information with nothing more than a question directed at your console.

Amazon Echo and the Apple HomeKit are the front-runners in this industry, but other competitors are becoming available.

2) Home Appliances

Technology doesn't just let you control your home with your voice — it has also changed the way you go about your homeowner tasks. For instance, did you know there's now a WiFi-enabled coffee pot? Just load it up with your favorite blend before you tuck in for the night, then in the morning grab your mobile device and start your morning Joe before you even get out of bed. You can even program it to communicate with your wearable to determine how strong that cup should be based on your sleep — or lack thereof.

If you think that's fancy, you'll also be surprised that washing machines have gotten a technological makeover. No, this gadget isn't WiFi enabled — not yet anyway — but Smart Motion technology has given a new dimension in your fight against stains. Smart Motion technology moves the clothes in a way that simulates a hand-washed item. The motion also provides full submersion of clothing at all times, while alternating directions to give all articles of clothing a good scrubbing.

An energy-efficient dishwasher is also a great investment for your home. Dishwashers have become not only more efficient but also quieter. Next time you throw a dinner party, you don't have wait to load the dishes, as many high end washers are as quiet as 44 decibels.

Of course, now that you have come to rely on all these top-of-the-line home tech gadgets, make sure to protect your appliances with a home warranty.

3) Solar Hybrid Automower

Yes, you read that correctly. Similarly to robot vacuum cleaners, an automower is like a Roomba for grass. And the Husqvarna Automower has a solar panel that can power the mower completely in the right light conditions for a yard up to .35 acres. If the mower doesn't finish the yard in one charge, it will visit the charging bay to recharge and then finish the job.

One drawback of this mower is that it doesn't have a rain or humidity sensor, so it will continue operations even in poor conditions such as rain or snow.

While this robot mower is relatively new on the market, it still has a high price point, but look for similar products in the years to come.

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