Oct 7, 2015

Trying out a new Adsense Alternative

Dollar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like many of you out there that have been screwed over by the mighty Google and their flagship monetization platform, Adsense, you are always looking for a good alternative. The last one that I felt was promising was Amazon's Affiliate Ad program, and for a while it was really good and I was making some decent money (Although nowhere near the numbers I was making with Adsense) then out of the blue Amazon dropped me too. They said my site didn't meet their standards. Fuck them!

Some other ones I've tried are Media.net, and Technorati and neither of those perform at all. I mean, my year to day revenue for each of them was less than $2.00! I literally have thousands of visitors every month here at Bauer-Power, and all I made was $2.00? Nonsense!

Anyway, I'm trying a new network called RevenueHits and I've heard some good things. I put a few ads on my Bauer vs Wild page yesterday and already I've made $0.10 which is all I made last month with Technorati and it's only been one day!

Today I'm placing their ads on Bauer-Power to see how it goes. If you are looking for a new ad network, click here and try them out!

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