May 4, 2015

Get Your Head Out of the Cloud and Put Your Business in It

Whether your business is large or small, the ability to expand and grow within your economic means is essential. One way of doing that is taking advantage of cloud storage technology. The trend of moving daily business services to the cloud is expected to grow even more in 2015, further proving that cloud storage technology is a big part of the new evolution of business. But it's how you choose to incorporate cloud storage technology into your business that will determine how much money you'll save.

Lowering Costs, Raising Expectations

One of the main reasons cloud technology is so popular — that is, aside from its infinite storage space — is its cost-cutting benefits. For example, server maintenance, cooling and power costs, upgrades and software licensing are all places that the cloud can take over. With physical servers, the lifespan is limited and maintaining them is a major expense. Cloud storage can alleviate that issue. Without the full reliance on physical servers, you can see your business's electrical bill shrink and your IT department will be able to focus on important projects other than constant maintenance on servers.

Another costly expense your business can avoid by using cloud storage technology is data loss. Having secure and reliable online data storage can help you avoid the devastation of losing sensitive and highly important data that, in the event of a natural disaster or other damage, could cripple your business in an instant. You'll find that accessing your data from the cloud is also faster, thus saving you time (and time is money). You'll find cloud storage syncs your files automatically and can be accessed from your personal computer or any mobile device, which also allows for safe file sharing. Your data and all these options are protected from damages, tampering, leaks and viruses as they are kept in a secure location, adding one more layer of protection to your sensitive business information.

IT Relief / Choosing a Provider

When running a business, one expense that always seems to eat up the budget is IT. Using a cloud storage provider like the highly-rated Sugar Sync, for example, lets you loosen your tight IT dependency leash a bit. Sugar Sync is available by phone and email and it also offers video tutorials with step-by-step directions and forums for you to learn how to navigate through your cloud storage system. Plus, it's readily available when maintenance issues come up. The business of IT assistance and consulting is expected to boom just as much as cloud computing and cloud storage is. Cloud storage technology has become more reliable because of the package deal businesses get, which usually include multiple tiers of support and 24-7 availability.

The use of cloud storage technology is still new and continues to change as it grows more popular. Jumping on the cloud bandwagon now can get your business plugged in and up to speed on such technology quickly, in which your business will then be able to adapt to newer and advanced cloud storage technology. Many businesses are already converting to what are known as hybrid clouds (a combination of private cloud platforms with public cloud providers, like Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services). This allows businesses to avoid pushing data through the public Internet, which reduces access time and latency and decreases risk of any major setbacks in case the server goes down. If you're just getting introduced to cloud storage technology, however, focusing on a standard cloud storage provider is the best way to start, and you'll find how quickly your business will begin saving money and and operating more efficiently.

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