Feb 10, 2015

Ubuntu Server 14.04 and XenServer 6.2

At my day job I like to use XenServer for home office virtualization. The reason being is that it's free, you can cluster it easily and it has most of the features of VMWare without the price tag. Well the other day I was trying stand up a new Ubuntu 14.04 server and I kept getting an error saying:

The bootloader for this VM returned an error - did the VM installation succeed? Unable to find partition containing kernel

I found an Ubuntu Forum thread talking about this and they suggest using the Debian Trusty template, and during installation switching from grub2 to grub. Awesome, but there is an easier way to stand up Ubuntu 14.04 on Xen 6.2...

Use the Windows XP 32 bit template!

You don't need to do anything else special. Just run the install and it works! You can still use Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit with this template as well.

By the way, if you are an Ubuntu fan do you have your free Powered by Ubuntu stickers yet?

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